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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Mahuva Pincode / Post Office Search (SURAT, Gujarat)

Amchak B.O 394250MahuvaGujarat
Anaval S.O 396510MahuvaGujarat
Bartad B.O 394240MahuvaGujarat
Belampur B.O 364290MahuvaGujarat
Bhadra B.O 364290MahuvaGujarat
Bhadrod S.O 364295MahuvaGujarat
Bhoria B.O 394248MahuvaGujarat
Bila B.O 364280MahuvaGujarat
Bilkhadi B.O 394250MahuvaGujarat
Boda B.O 364295MahuvaGujarat
Bordi B.O 364280MahuvaGujarat
Butwada B.O 394248MahuvaGujarat
Datha S.O 364130MahuvaGujarat
Dayal B.O 364130MahuvaGujarat
Dedvasan B.O 394250MahuvaGujarat
Degvada B.O 364295MahuvaGujarat
Dholikui B.O 394250MahuvaGujarat
Dudheri B.O 364290MahuvaGujarat
Dundas B.O 364290MahuvaGujarat
Dungri B.O 394240MahuvaGujarat
Galthar B.O 364295MahuvaGujarat
Gangadia B.O 396510MahuvaGujarat
Ghadoi B.O 394245MahuvaGujarat
Goras B.O 364280MahuvaGujarat
Gundarna B.O 364295MahuvaGujarat
Gundarni B.O 364290MahuvaGujarat
Gunesvel B.O 394240MahuvaGujarat
Haladva B.O 394248MahuvaGujarat
Kadhaiya B.O 394246MahuvaGujarat
Kalsar B.O 364130MahuvaGujarat
Kani B.O 394350MahuvaGujarat
Kankaria B.O 394248MahuvaGujarat
Kantasar B.O 364295MahuvaGujarat
Karachka B.O 394340MahuvaGujarat
Karla B.O 364280MahuvaGujarat
Katpar B.O 364290MahuvaGujarat
Khared B.O 364290MahuvaGujarat
Khari B.O 364295MahuvaGujarat
Kharvan B.O 394245MahuvaGujarat
Kodada B.O 394250MahuvaGujarat
Konjli B.O 364290MahuvaGujarat
Kos B.O 396510MahuvaGujarat
Kumbhan B.O 364290MahuvaGujarat
Kumkotar B.O 396510MahuvaGujarat
Lasanpor B.O 396510MahuvaGujarat
Loinga B.O 364295MahuvaGujarat
Longdi B.O 364295MahuvaGujarat
Lusdi B.O 364290MahuvaGujarat
Madhiya B.O 364290MahuvaGujarat
Malvav B.O 364130MahuvaGujarat
Miyapur B.O 394250MahuvaGujarat
Mordevi B.O 394250MahuvaGujarat
Naip B.O 364290MahuvaGujarat
Naldhara B.O 394240MahuvaGujarat
Nesvad B.O 364290MahuvaGujarat
Otha B.O 364295MahuvaGujarat
Pathran B.O 395620MahuvaGujarat
Puna B.O 394248MahuvaGujarat
Ranat B.O 394350MahuvaGujarat
Raniwada B.O 364130MahuvaGujarat
Ratol B.O 364290MahuvaGujarat
Rojiya B.O 364130MahuvaGujarat
Samba B.O 394248MahuvaGujarat
Sarera B.O 364280MahuvaGujarat
Sathra B.O 364290MahuvaGujarat
Sedarda B.O 364280MahuvaGujarat
Shekhpur B.O 394250MahuvaGujarat
Tared B.O 364290MahuvaGujarat
Tarsadi B.O 394350MahuvaGujarat
Tatania B.O 364280MahuvaGujarat
Ugalvan B.O 364280MahuvaGujarat
Umra B.O 394248MahuvaGujarat
Vadia B.O 394246MahuvaGujarat
Vaheval B.O 394248MahuvaGujarat
Valar B.O 364130MahuvaGujarat
Valvada S.O 394248MahuvaGujarat
Vanskui B.O 394240MahuvaGujarat
Vejodari B.O 364130MahuvaGujarat
Velanpur B.O 394245MahuvaGujarat
Zervavra S.O 394245MahuvaGujarat